Archive - November 2016

8 Cryptic Dandelion Leech

In the lychee jungles of Hy-Lomblay heroic hunters hasten hither and thither, battling the bark-skinned dandelion lychee-leeches whose succulent white-and-red-and-blue speckled flesh is a delicacy among the Socialite>>>

6 Automata of John Carlson

Recently John Carlson asked me if I would be interested in illustrating his OSR adventure, Automata Run Amok in the politest e-mail I have had the pleasure of receiving in a long time. What ensued was a fun>>>

5 Fighter Against the Buggle

Brave Sir Knight Pointyhorns strove against the Buggles of the dark places of the ——shire, the bards do tell. Beasts they were, great and gaunt. Half-bug, half-man, half-elephant, with mouths like razors and great>>>

4 Running Fellow Run

“Sir Adventurer, pray hold! The iron halls of the Molder kings are no safe place for you, you will spot and spick your evening coat with rust and then Lady Scumblederry shall demand the satisfaction of my>>>

2 Le Cardinal des Machines

Le cardinal des machines awaits the supplicants seeking the wafer of interface in the cave of mind-machine rebirth. The supplicants come, one by one, like goslings to the goose. Will the cardinal give them ghosts and>>>

1 Baeship Outpost Mugalu

The Baeship Outposts were popular targets for Spheremonkey thralls in the years after the Days of Ragged Rainbows. Many BOs built bulstone crenellations and additional internal defenses, and sometimes even external>>>

0 The Cacolyst

Behold the Cacolyst, it walks with you. So kind. So gentle.
Welcome to its dappled paths. Listen to the hum of flitter dreams.