Archive - December 2016

23 Chameleon Steed Rider

According to the Pnah-u-matigg of Miblos (Easter Edition) the sentient tree processors of the Savage Forests Turquoise West of City Fifteen Human 70% are infested by a tiny race of chameleon riders.

21 Pointyhelmet’s Defeat

Defeated, Pointyhelmet railed against the demimonde that misunderstood him so. Against the fool companions who had failed against Bigtroll Blaargh.

19 The Beatific Saint Fox

“It’s amazing how little it is to connote a saint in Wapadi tradition. Simply learn how to project a little ectoplasmic (warm hue variant) halo and the Dear Consumer knows you are good and holy. Even if>>>

18 Mr Planty

This is a woodland flower sprite, it likes to come out at night. As it smells it, so it tells it.
I find this piece deeply unsatisfying. Perhaps I shall figure out why someday.

17 Chernozyom Angel and Minions

In the six valleys of Water Bear XI the chernozyom angels would give life to dancing loam men to till the fields of the Flower War Gods during the festivals of the Balls and Sabers. Tourists and dignitaries from the>>>

16 Make No Bones About It

I’ll make no bones about it. Fools these mortals be, with their petty squabbles and their disregard for reason. Makes a shave-pate monk-saint wonder how all will end, after the last canticle is sung, the last>>>