Archive - December 2016

14 Many Heads of Angel Hydra

“Lo, ane the fyfe heads of the red-monkey creatures of the low Earth shall fly anon ‘pon the wings of teh frogophantine beast known as heedra and herald the calming of the trumpets of doon!” Apocrypha>>>

13 Angel of Many Horns

The hood of many horns weighed upon the angel of many horns as it beheld the cabbage of creation in the middle of the tow-path of thorns above the pass of prurient passers-by.

11 Teacher Ninelegs

Hey! Teachers! Leave them potential-labor-units alone!
All in all it’s just another housing-construction-element in the wall.

10 Angelcember Wings

Dakota Pulpdike went to Saint Nick and said, “I’d like to fly like a dragon, sir, that’d make me happy as a fir!”

9 Far Future Mecha Ulrich

Far Future Ulrich came into sight of the cities of Wasteland and Warlords. It’s cargo of hieratic antiquities from the age of the Mock Turtle would purchase enough soulmill credit to appease the Lords of the Light>>>