13 Angel of Many Horns

Many Horns of the Angel of Many Horns and Eyeful Halo

The hood of many horns weighed upon the angel of many horns as it beheld the cabbage of creation in the middle of the tow-path of thorns above the pass of prurient passers-by.

“The Cabbage of Creation brassicates the glory of the greater cat unto the eater of its tasteless steamed leaf, for the spirit of the taste is in it, not the taste itself, and its sumptuous methane-producive faculties remember and remind of the ripping roaring noise of the creation itself.” – Book of Brassicus 2:05, The Stratomasticon.


Straight to digital with photoshop, Kyle’s Xerox Brush (Copier Pack), light on dark. Output at 25% to reduce file heft.