14 Many Heads of Angel Hydra

The Angel Had Many Red Macaque Heads

“Lo, ane the fyfe heads of the red-monkey creatures of the low Earth shall fly anon ‘pon the wings of teh frogophantine beast known as heedra and herald the calming of the trumpets of doon!” Apocrypha of Saint Catheribeth the Twice-Written, Syntholon 49,6:33,2:34,4

The Red-monkey-headed Angel Hydra

AC 11 (neck 15), HD many (neck 2+2), Resistance: immune to blunt weapons, resistant to piercing weapons, immune to hellfire, Attacks: the five read heads (special) and trample (+5 2d10, knock down, area effect) or swipe (+8 3d8+3, chance of disease from filthy claws, one target).

The Heads

  1. This head is Johophosphat and summons a burning ring of fire (10d6 fireburst centred on hydra, recharge on 1/1d6) or spouts venomous observations (vs. Cha, weakens mental abilities)
  2. This one is Kalimudra and pronounces death with its tongue (word of death, save or die, prevented by deafness/silence) once per round
  3. This is Lokinansi and twists minds with its tongue (charm creature) once per round.
  4. This one is Metaportenton and bludgeons with its booming basso voice (2d6 thunder wave centred on hydra, recharge on 2/1d6) or shouts painful accusations (+8 vs. Cha, 1d6 Con damage).
  5. Another head is Nemeschtick and declares an opponent marked (curse, disadvantage on all saves vs. hydra, hydra has advantage to hit opponent) each round.
  6. A bonus head is Ophidiorestes and vomits forth giant snakes (1d6 snakes, recharge on 3/1d6) or shouts poisonous insinuations (vs. Con, poisons target).


Digital watercolour (wet tilt inker, wamazing rough, wamazing soft), Christmas challenge palette).