15 Angel Snake-chest and the No-eye

Snake-chest and No-eyes

We never did figure out what the No-eyes wanted. They just stood there, glowing redly in the mossy shadows of the Sporenoon Times.

Several times a few were seen holding hands and flashing in sequence, but the minds never did figure it out. Over the 314 years of the Pieratic Republic the No-eyes were reported in seven different years. They have not been seen since the Last Election, nor during the Age of Reasonable Madness under the Eternal Master of Cities, nor during the Re-establishmentarian Monarchy, but there were two unconfirmed reports of the No-eyes during the 42 years of the Peasant-Worker Consulate and three during the subsequent 7 years Re-re Monarchical wars and the 31 years of the Re-re Kingdom.

Now, the post-minds report that they have deciphered the handshake signals of the no-eye-circles and are calling for the snake-angels to report all sightings to the Central Neural Clusters of the Anti-capitalist Market Command Society of the Turning Pie.