5 Fighter Against the Buggle


Brave Sir Knight Pointyhorns strove against the Buggles of the dark places of the ——shire, the bards do tell. Beasts they were, great and gaunt. Half-bug, half-man, half-elephant, with mouths like razors and great mourney eyes. Yay, verily, smote them Sir Knight Pointyhorns most well, as proven by these dents upon his shield of yore and by this vial of pure buggle acid.

Paper Notes

Hahnemühle Nostalgie, 190 g/m2, A4 – for pencil, charcoal, sepia, wax, crayons, pastel – natural white

A lovely paper for pencil and ink, but not improved by a sepia wash. Still, one of the smoothest papers for my style of ligne claire I’ve yet tried. No feathering to speak of, no bleed, very fine lines, easy to erase, consistent texture for pencils. Four wizards.

Picture Notes

iPhone photo, post-processed in photo-shop to clear up lousy lighting.