7 Goatodon or Reskinning an Elephant

Goatodon or the Reskinned Elephant

The goatodon is the chimerical elephant-analog your gonzo fantasy game deserves. Also, it’s more green than an elephant.

AC 12, HD 8, Trample (charge and knockdown), Gore/butt, Stomp, Pick up opponents and toss them, Resistant to small and light weapons.

Why Chimerae Work?

In a nutshell: shared reference frame. Everybody can immediately imagine them by reference to the real world (half-goat, half-mastodon, all angry? OK! Got it!), while at the same time they shout “monster!”. They work better than “shrub-niddolith” … which is, umm, a bit like … uh … a shrubbery starfish tentacled space lovecraftian horror thing that looks like a venomous venus fly-trap.

I’ll explore this further some other time. Maybe.


Hahnemühle Nostalgie, 190gm2, Faber-Castell 2B Castell 9000, ShinHan Touch Liner Brush pen

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