8 Cryptic Dandelion Leech

Ceci n'est pas un litchi

In the lychee jungles of Hy-Lomblay heroic hunters hasten hither and thither, battling the bark-skinned dandelion lychee-leeches whose succulent white-and-red-and-blue speckled flesh is a delicacy among the Socialite Vampires of the Upper Trader Philanthropist Caste. 


The original pen drawing. This is a throwback to a Pitt artist pen soft brush sketch I originally did on the  27th of May 2016. The paper was probably a marker pad.

Reskinning a Purple Worm

AC 14, HD 12, Multi-attack (high-velocity exsanguinator and cryptic psychic affection), resistant to bludgeoning and small piercing weapons (thick woody skin), vulnerable to and scared of fire and electricity, mildly disgusted by the undead. Too dry.

An animal food creature struck by the high-velocity exsanguinator loses 2d6 points of Con per round and saves to avoid being sucked into the speed mulcher gullet at the end of the lychee-leeches round.

The speed mulcher gullet will kill an animal food creature that is large or smaller in 1 round. A Dex save or something to escape, possibly by cutting of a stuck limb, causing 2d20 hp damage and causing nausea (treat as poison) could work.

The gloriously beautiful floral petals of the lychee-leech cause a cryptic psychic affection in animals, who are mesmerized by the beautiful floral petals swaying gently, the wafting perfume and the texture of its silky leaves. A Con or Wis save should suffice. Blind creatures with plugged nostrils should be fine.