Archive - February 2017

27 Lonely Cathedral

Lonely Cathedral On the dull tidal beach the downed cathedral hunkers. Concrete, floatstone and jaspis sinking into the sand, but not yet. Not today. Metal-handed preacher stands on a midden and cries, “the end! the>>>

26 Sky Tower Down

Darta’s sapsuckers groaned in fear and ran for the crater pen. One squirted half-fermented juices over her new shoes as it fled. Darta put down her euphoric and squinted up at the brick sky. There. The spiky one they>>>

25 Hashtag ISoG

What do we miss when we translate the deep truths of the underlying Foam of Frothy and Chaotic Creation into the feeble tongues of mortal hobbits? Isog the Mascotic invites you to surrender your Unitary Persona and>>>