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30 Catlord of the Violet Citadel

This is Part 0.5 of 8 of the first WTF Expedition RPG Pointcrawl. You can get the whole Part 1, v2, here. This is a teaser for the full Patreon-supported series, which you are totally welcome to support (and follow)>>>

29 Squidmagus Surprise

“I tell you, I heard Shulbo’s wizarding parasite give out it’s death screech last night. Five goats gave rancid milk this morning and the yak was found with a small tuberous growth in its ear. These>>>

28 King Pointyhelmet

Tool Proficiency – Hammer and Chisel
Non-weapon Proficiency – Underground Free Stone Masonry
The Sword of Kings Speaks After You Grasp It