Archive - April 2017

35 The Hero We Deserve

Long ago, when the earth was new and plants still struggled to find vital nutrients in it as too few organic life forms had decomposed within it, a hero strode upon it. A colossus. A man with a helmet. Pointyhelmet>>>

33 A hundred familiars of Chaos

Salvage blogging: three years ago, a blog ago, a d100 list of Chaotic Familiars I put together with my friend Peter Leban. It’s here now, safe in the embrace of Mu-Ptah. Does it still work? Logan’s Generator>>>

32 Githyanki Astral Marines

Githyanki patrols are a menace in the shallows of the Astral seas. They dart out of their haematite wicker towers, mad lymphocytes of a decayed astral deity.  In their wedge boats they rip phosphorecent life cords>>>

31 Lucky Kobolds

“Buy a kobold now and rub it for luck!” said the sign. PT Helmet approved and handed over a few notes. The flaccid thing wriggled in his hands. Like a rubber chicken. He rubbed it and a wish oozed out>>>