Archive - September 2017

48 UVG 6 and One Hundred Patreon Dollars

I have published installment six of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. New this time: The Last Serai, a trading outpost where a tense equilibrium reigns between three powerful factions. A side-on map of the Last Serai in the>>>

47 Demiwarlock’s d100 Magical Tomes

Another necro-retro-post from the past! The d100 pseudo-magical tomes was one of my first posts on my old blog, Cauldrons & Clerics, and here I’m bringing it to expanded un-life! From the old post: I’ve>>>

46 d100 Magic Prosthetics

This is a repost from two blogs and four years ago, when I set up my first rpg blog: Cauldrons and Clerics. I thought it would be funny to talk about cooking and religion and rpgs together. It turned out, no, I ended up>>>

45 Hero Retirement

What’s the end game of an RPG? Just keep stacking up XP? So cash is just a way to buy XP? I think that’s stupid. Infinite power and infinite gold are goals for boring, one-dimensional characters. For damned cartoon>>>

44 WTF Heroes: Speed Freak

The speed freak’s mind is like a compass, stopping at nothing. He’s got fire in his pocket and he’s lit up like a rocket, veins ablaze with the scurrying, urging, demanding need for speed. This is a>>>