27 Lonely Cathedral

Sinking into the Quaq, but not yet.

Lonely Cathedral

On the dull tidal beach the downed cathedral hunkers. Concrete, floatstone and jaspis sinking into the sand, but not yet. Not today.

  1. Metal-handed preacher stands on a midden and cries, “the end! the crystal ship! the fools!”
  2. Noodle seller with hooch on the side.
  3. Strawheads trading ivory and furs.
  4. Rusting metal gulls slowly winding down.
  5. Rat urchins attempt to rob you.
  6. Green monks, merchants, cog flower acolytes.

  1. Shop here, prices won’t be better north! (all goods available, p.XX)
  2. Get to know the aboriginal strawheads, perhaps they have advice! (plastic-skin map, p.XX)
  • North: wind-beaten trees, bogs, beyond: the Red tundra (p.XX)
  • East: lonely sandy beaches, strawhead camps (p.XX)
  • West: forlorn rocky shores, few camps, the birdman’s tower (p.XX)
  • South: in summer days green ships steam for the Emerald City (p.XX)

Home Base

  • Safe: for a gloddian piece (gp) per day, double healing rate.
  • Rip off: local merchants buy treasure at 50% rates (half xp).
  • Storage: local banker vampires offer moderately secure vaults to store loot. 100 gloddians per month for full security (99% safe), 50 gloddians for quite safe vaults (90% safe), 25 gloddians for gamblers (80% safe). Check monthly.
  • Summer fairin the short, midge-infested summers, green monks in their metal catamarans and jugger merchants in their bateaux steam up from Big City Bay and pay full rates for treasures held till then.

Terminal Logics

  • jugger — local term of endearment and affection for clueless visitors from the southern lands who wouldn’t know the difference between a winter war wolf and a tundra cannibal half-ghoul if they bit them in the pelvic region and severed their femoral artery, offering a spurting sacrifice to the Red Vault.


Pencil sketch, Shin han brush pen, flat color in Photoshop with texture overlay.