28 King Pointyhelmet

How Pointyhelmet became king and overcame the mockery of his superiors and his paraffin suppliers.

Tool Proficiency – Hammer and Chisel

Non-weapon Proficiency – Underground Free Stone Masonry

The Sword of Kings Speaks After You Grasp It

  1. “Riddle me this, warlord, how can you be king, while King Jommo still reigns on the Pendant-Riddled Throne?”
  2. “Blood of my blood, bathe me now in the souls of the sun-kissed!”
  3. “Arioch! Arioch! I’m being kidnapped!*”
  4. “Hello, Number Two. Ready to get to work?”
  5. the mountain rumbles, a tree splits in twain, hear them laughing brazenly, it’s out of your control.
  6. “Stories now will unfold, tales of mystic days of old are hidden in these blades!”
  7. “My prince, my eye is blinded! The cyclope hag Mesissa has it, believe me, you shall see what wonders we shall be when we break her down!”
  8. “Strong are your thews, Mongo! … You say your name is not Mongo? Why is your name not Mongo?”
  9. “Quickly, the mongrel humans approach, we must save the Elf Utopia!”
  10. “You’re way too late to prevent their fall, they’re not ready for the key to it all. The mystery is solved, the answer to life … the final solution, a chance to survive.”
  11. “I am the Power now! Shout that you have me! Yes! Just like that!”
  12. “So … you are the Virgin of Radiant Flowers of the Moon? Wow. I never imagined such a hairy virgin. Sigh. Well, even swords can have biases, eh? “


Pencil and shin-han 0.2 liner on Hahnemühle (Moulin des coq) multi-techniques 185g acid-free. The damned paper is too absorbent for my taste.


*Improved by K Yani of http://noisesanssignal.blogspot.com/ .

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