31 Lucky Kobolds

lucky kobolds for sale

“Buy a kobold now and rub it for luck!” said the sign. PT Helmet approved and handed over a few notes.

The flaccid thing wriggled in his hands. Like a rubber chicken. He rubbed it and a wish oozed out. The ectoplasm congealed into a proto-djinn and PT felt his luck swell.

Luck of the Rubbed Kobold

  1. Prime Fortune – on PT’s next d20 roll, all prime numbers count as natural 20s.
  2. Chicken – the next creature or inanimate object PT speaks to is struck by fear.
  3. Hardfoot – the next heavy object that falls on PT’s foot does no damage, indeed, it heals bunions, sore feet and 1d4 hp.
  4. Withering Glare – the next offensive plant PT stares at takes 1d10 withering damage.
  5. Yellow – PT turns a pale, citrine yellow for an hour.
  6. Six Six Six – Every time PT rolls a six, he acquires a d6 token. When he has three of them, he can summon a large pit to appear nearby. (the pit is 10′ across and 30′ around and 20′ feet deep, and yay, creatures, latrines or trees may fall into it!)

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