Pointyhelmet: The Hero We Deserve

35 The Hero We Deserve

Long ago, when the earth was new and plants still struggled to find vital nutrients in it as too few organic life forms had decomposed within it, a hero strode upon it. A colossus. A man with a helmet.


THWD: The hero makes a discovery

THWD 2: The hero decides

THWD 1: The hero visits the king

THWD 1: The hero beholds the challenge

THWD 1: The hero wins

THWD 1: Wrap up


Ink and pen on art paper. Learned my lesson about using pages larger than my scanner: they do not scan well. I suspect PT Helmet might work well just going straight-to-digital in the future.


  • Keep up the good work. Come to the dark side and use digital. Reminds me of Cerebus for some reason.

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