36 Big Pineapple (One Page Dungeon)

Teleport went wrong? Put your feet up at our luxury substations while your magitravel woes are solved by our friendly metaversal personnel!

So, the One Page Dungeon contest has arrived again, hasn’t it?

I entered the Deep Purple Worm in 2012, which seems really far away now, back when nuclear annihilation seemed less likely. And this year I actually managed to prepare a piece for the 1PD! Huzzah!

Get the teleportation Administration Substation ‘Big Pineapple’

The perfect place to take care of all your teleporter-related issues! No danger, skill or magic ability required! It has pineapples, wizards, the end of time, Windhawk and Motorhead. What could go wrong?

Also, if you think this kind of stuff is kind of awesome, you can help more of it happen at patreon. Yup. Money makes art happen.

Also, here’s a bonus. A diagram of the dungeon, with extra monster rifts added.

DM's diagram of the OPD2017 entry Big Pineapple

What? You want to leave feedback? Ok! Cool then!

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Thanks for the comment, Clark! And thanks for the play session report. It looks like you had fun, which is always good. I see you were undecided about the cannibal bush goats. Good. My unclear prose played true.

I was surprised to find I have a profile on rpg geek … now I have to find out how to take control of it.

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