38 The Porcelain Throne

After a few weeks of traveling and bureaucracy, we return to the Ultraviolet Grasslands and the slow and ponderous progress of the stratometaship. Yeah, verily, there’s a new patreon expansion to the expedition: section 3 of 8. The point-crawl section is now 14 pages, hope that’s good and not bloated.

Princes of the Porcelain Throne

The four robed figures turned their faceless glazed masks as one to face P.T. and the band.
“This stair leads to the High Houses. Only the permitted penitents may ascend to serve us there. Stay back, our Pillars of Power remain as potent as in your forgotten Long, Long Ago,” they spoke in an impeccable chorus of disparate voices.

  1. Many Cracks 5-body are the distributed personality primate of the Conservation Society. They have an id-devouring fascination with Rainbowland rumors and Near Moon ultras possession magics.
  2. Celadon 10-body are the father of the Mollusk Appreciation Denomination and want to bolster sentient dryland coral technology.
  3. Leopard Lithophane 4-dyad are a confused participant in the Rites of Animated Teratology. They love to eat shellfish but are secretly terrified of the vomes.
  4. Sherd 7-extension are a noble and decayed Meta-ritual Oligarch that wants to turn back time to before the monobodies were allowed into the Radiant Lands.
  5. Black Pot 5-body are a Radical Labor or Trade Cooperative, plotting the overthrow of the Evil Prevention Act of Meissen 13-unity.
  6. Bone Kaolin 2-body are the decayed remnant of the Ascendant Church of Flesh. A death cult.

Places in Porcelain Throne

  1. Black House: a lakeside club for the rich and conservative out for a bit of fun-time decadence and rapid tanning.
  2. Broken Line: excreted out of the Throne, slave barracks for the bodies that have broken in service of the Porcelains.
  3. High Houses: embassies, certain merchant houses, and the workshops, barracks of the Porcelains’ Eunuchs, and the tunnel-villa-complexes of the distributed personalities.
  4. House of the Unbowed Cardinal: nomad grass cult enclave and hottest BBQ in the West.
  5. Houses of Many Colors: half-dugout homes and workshops of Rainbowland affiliates and other scum.
  6. Lowest Line: shacks of dead coral and brick for the outlanders with no affiliations, not quite slaves. Yet.
  7. Two Serais: the barely peaceful truce-homes of the Satraps and the Princes are dangerous for non-aligned wanderers.
  8. Your Life Burns Faster in this House: a radical house, known for loud music, louder politics, and a cellar that is that kind of dungeon. Nudge, nudge.

This is not a vome.

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