41 Potsherd Crater & a new patreon update

After what seems like months … oh, wait, it is months … after some time, the Band continues its adventures deeper and deeper into the Ultraviolet Grasslands with a visit to the Potsherd Crater.

Three oddities in the crater

Waterlogged Quarry (+1 days, 76 XP): an old quarry, overgrown with thorny edible vines and sharp long-grass. Grotesque, poisonous toads live in the waterlogged depths, but are easy to avoid. Useful sanguine porcelain can still be extracted (1d6 x 10 cash worth per day per person).

Glass House of a Dead Merchant Prince (+2 days, 160 XP): old steel-glass rococo arches, porticoes and gazeboes sinking into sand and long-grass, wreathed in foul-smelling flowers (mildly hallucinogenic if eaten). Thoroughly picked-over, a haunting poem of a merchant prince’s despair remains embedded in a folly obsidian dolmen, lamenting the cruel laborers and serfs who foiled the Prince’s attempt to create the finest wines outside the Red Land. Steppe wolves may appear.

Mad Autofarm (+2 days, 2d10 x 10 XP): whether vomish or ultra or something else, is unclear, but this overgrown tangle of glass and dryland coral pulses with activity as small ceramic crab-like biomechs plow, water, till, weed and generally cultivate what looks like utter chaos of stone trees and plastic thorn-bushes. Closer examination reveals a profusion of odd fruit (1d6 x 10 cash worth can be recovered furtively, without alerting the Autofarm). Even closer examination is very dangerous, as the Autofarm can rapidly produce large numbers of ant-body biomechs (AC 16, HD 1d6, fearless, burrowing) to defend itself with talon, acid and venom. However, it is possible to find 1d4 entire replacement bodies growing in the depths, perfect for biomantic augmentation, neural replacement, or porcelain polybody transition (2d10 x 100 cash each).

Wait, that’s it?

Yes, for now, for here. It took me forever to get this patreon post out, because of a complete layout redesign. I’ll write more about that in another post, I’m a bit exhausted now after four straight days of layout, writing and arting.

But, if you join the Stratometaship, this is everything else that’s new in the last update:

  • the whole Potsherd area,
  • six more mini encounters,
  • a bunch of NPCs – some of them pretty odd,
  • revamped kits and mounts,
  • a whole glossary,
  • a ton more art

Currently, the UVG clocks in at 9,000 words for the content and 6,000 more for the appendices. Once it’s all finished, I’m going to have to saddle some poor copy editor with about 60,000 words of text. That’s a book, right? Well, I’m doing it all for you, my friendly gaming humans.