The Sixth UVG Installment

48 UVG 6 and One Hundred Patreon Dollars

I have published installment six of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. New this time:

  • The Last Serai, a trading outpost where a tense equilibrium reigns between three powerful factions.
  • A side-on map of the Last Serai in the Blue Pyramid style.
  • Gratuitous Pointyhelmet references.
  • 8 small encounters
  • 12 odd places
  • 10 NPCs
  • A pseudo-3D illustrated map of a Vome hive
  • A full list of monsters for a vome hive and their objectives
  • Updated gun rules (damage revised down)
  • First broad strokes of the caravan game
  • And a new patron NPC: Lazaro the Itinerant Alchemist

There’s also a bit of related news.

First: this week my Patreon-funded Stratometaship exceeded a hundred dollars for the first time in its life. This, along with some very positive feedback, felt good. But above all, it felt for the first time like my writing endeavour can become feasible. That is a very good thing.

Second: this week was also the first time I managed, by the whisker of a gnat, two updates in a month. This is also a good thing, and an interesting test to see how many patrons stay with me for post two.

So, all that has made this quite an interesting week for me.

If this makes you think, wow, I have dollars and here is a patreon I should back. You can. You totally can. I won’t judge.


Oh, and the featured image? It’s a nest of one of the creatures in the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Nasty half-cocked biomechanical little buggers called vomes.


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