49 Peon’s Journey – Inktober 2017

Peon gazed upon the crumbling tower. Perhaps this time it would be different.

Inktober 2017 has begun

I’m participating for the first time, and with several other DIY OSR INDY WINDY RPG art types, we’re playing with this prompt:

OSR Inktober 2017 prompt

I started with zero – Peon – to get the story off to an interesting start. Let’s see where it goes.

Let’s make it worse

If inktober is not enough, I decided to mix it with a bit of a fitness challenge. Let’s call it a fitink-tober. I doubt that hashtag would take off. But, nonetheless, if you want to mix it with your drawing, do one of the following each day until you’re really tired or exhausted or bored:

  1. push-ups
  2. squats
  3. lunges
  4. dips
  5. plank
  6. hip raises
  7. sit ups
  8. bike crunches
  9. shoulder bridge
  10. side lunges
  11. double leg lifts
  12. “indian” push-ups
  13. burpees
  14. squat jumps
  15. jumping jacks
  16. mountain climbers
  17. butt kicks
  18. side planks
  19. tuck jumps
  20. plie squats
  21. frog jumps
  22. pull ups
  23. star plank
  24. close-grip push-ups
  25. ball roll-outs
  26. overhead lunges
  27. plank push-ups
  28. wall sit
  29. box jumps
  30. triceps dips
  31. ice cream

See you in November!