51 UVG VIIIa: Fallen Umber

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Browsing through my posts on here and a realization: I forgot to post the update for UVG VII!Well, today Update VIII came out. So two updates for the price of one!

In the background, I’ve been fleshing out the regions of the Grassland, and realized I’m about a third of the way to the end. Now, I don’t want to stay in the UVG forever, so the choices are clear: speed up the pace, cut the side adventures for now, and focus on the main Steppen-crawl. At this pace, we’re looking at 6 more months. Let’s see if I beat that.

Now, Fallen Umber

Beyond the Way Stone the steppe continues, flat, tasteless, tone-deaf. The caravan trails have carved a route down to the bedrock, and at a long-dry gully buttresses of gently crumbling livingstone still attest to the long-lost land of Umber, once grown rich on the local deposits of titanic biomatter, which supported a thriving chitin-cap agro-industrial aristocracy.

“Brrr, this dull place, it eats at the soul,” said DW.

“Agreed, nothing to loot,” replied PH.

A dead kingdom, dotted with agricultural experiments gone to seed, and soil scoured to bedrock. Iconic, right? Well, I think so. Memories die and fade away, and old pleasure domes crumble in the waste, while caravans hurry by.

Hall of the Umber King: crumbling livingstone arches and colossi sheathed in festering growths of chitin-cap and other incredible fungoid art flowers reveal the lost glory of Fallen Umber.

The Azure Garden: a geodesic dome of livingstone marks one of the last stands of Fallen Umber, where the Dynasty of the Slumbering Green used biomantic rituals to reactivate the titanic biomatter and create a renewable source of fuel for their azure-strand chitin-caps.

Erosion of War: three great fungoid vome autofacs, odd, alien, colorful and sessile, rise like tetrahedrist villages above a small valley.

The Stele of the Pierced Blossom: far beyond the beaten track some odd wanderer placed a massive stele, a thousand tons or more of garnet gneiss, inscribed with a mawkish poem about a blossom in love with herself, plucked to adorn a noble’s dining jacket in her unique beauty, where she wilted and died alone.

Under a twilight king's visage, an entrance loomed.

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