53 What’s In A Blog and Odd Tide Effects

Part One

Besides just complexity, maintaining multiple wordpress web sites is time consuming. Maintaining a gaming blog outside the more common platforms (blogspot.com for the OSR, tumblr.com for … a lot of things, too) is hard. Maintaining a list of blogs to follow is harder. Promoting and cross-promoting is harder. Sharing links is harder. Yes, visually it is more distinct – but at the end of the day, is it worth it? No. Alas. So, I’m doing the following:

  1. keeping lukarejec.com as my personal page and online one-stop hub.
  2. revivifying wizardthieffighter.blogspot.com as my rough-and-ready game blog.
  3. promoting www.patreon.com/wizardthieffighter as the place to support my writing and illustrating.
  4. transforming wizardthieffighter.com into a glorified summary of my game-art-writing activities.
  5. and trundling along with some of the other social platforms, like the facebook page and the wizardthieffighter twitter profile.

Part Two

Besides just severe nausea, the odd tides of the Near Moon, as it strains against the bonds and aeons old magical detritus that holds it close to the soil, also have other effects (roll d6 when the weather changes or once per week):

  1. soul dislocation: the tethers between souls and personalities are weakened, giving disadvantage to all Wis and Cha saves during this period.
  2. troubled sleep: rest is half as effective and disadvantage to all Con checks.
  3. delirious tides: disadvantage to all Int checks.
  4. moon-walkers: all Dex checks have advantage.
  5. bloody tides: all damage dealt with advantage, healing checks and rest half as effective.
  6. days of inspiration: all Int and Cha checks have advantage.