A location: the crystal pylon

54 One Page Dungeon Contest 2018 – Illustration Prize

I’ve been taking part in the One Page Dungeon contest on and off since 2012, and this year is the tenth anniversary! As you might know (or not) the 1PD is a contest to create an entire RPG dungeon and fit it on a single page, and the deadline is the end of April. The dungeon can be art-only or text-only or something-very-much-in-between. So long as it fits on a page and fits the bill of a dungeon, it’s ready to run.

Back in 2012 I won the LotFP grindhouse edition, which got me into the wider DIY D&D scene. I loved it.

But it’s the tenth anniversary, and with all the other large and small publishers lining up, I thought to myself – what can I do for the 1PD? Well, I make art. Well. I do make art. I mooted the idea in the 1PD group and here is the result.

I’ll be making a b/w illustration inspired by a winning dungeon, and Michael Prescott of Trilemma will be converting that same map into an isometric 3D version.

A location: the crystal pylon

You’ll get a 600dpi clean digital version of the illustration and a license to do with it what you like. You’ll be able to make a cover for your dungeon, make an expanded 7-page version, put it on a brooch or on a poster. So long as you submit your one page dungeon, the art can be yours.

(Note: deadline is midnight UTC April 30!)


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