The Incredible Adventuring Wheelbarrow (61)

Last night a crew of unlikely heroes destroyed the scourge of the six levels: Orcagorgon. With the application of guile, lion millipedes, stone giants, marbles, explosives, a rocket wheelchair, meatshields, archery, magic, a tragic arrow, potions, fire-breathing mice, and more—the fiend went down.

Thus ended the Vaults of Vyzor, Jeff’s long-running drop-in hangouts campaign.

Special thanks go to Otto iTourch, the zero-level hireling who survived the battle while madly mashing buttons on the Improved Incredible Adventuring Wheelbarrow. Even after his hire contemplated using him as a lure to detonate multiple demons, Otto survived. Well done, Otto. May you push the wheelbarrow to many new planes!

Table of Delights aka. The Incredible Adventuring Wheelbarrow

You thought it was a mere table, didn’t you? Well, the table with the pretty chequered tablecloth and glued on meal and lamps hides many more delights than at first glance! (Note: proper assembly of the wheelbarrow may require a mechanics or tinker check) and gl Table of Delights aka. The Adventuring Wheelbarow (300gp)

Basic Table of Delights (300gp)

  • Chassis: four-handled wheelbarrow, two of the handles can be stowed away (two people can push and pull the wheelbarrow for added speed)
  • Wheel: one studded adventuring wheel, very sturdy. Comes with manual break, so the table can be used as a table.
  • Legs: two. Solid.
  • Storage space: enough for some loot, and you can strap more onto the top with ropes.

Additional functions come with large, badly numbered buttons. It is possible to push the wrong one in the heat of battle.

  1. Spring-locked pavise tabletop. A henchperson can use this one to protect its master in a pinch, or it can be deployed to provide meagre cover from fire breath. The tabletop should be removed first to use most other functions.
  2. Very heavy loaded crossbow. It’s almost a small ballista and is installed under the tabletop and tablecloth, with three extra javelin-sized metal bolts (1d8) stowed on the side. Yes, sneak attacks with a ballista are possible. Yes, they would be inaccurate.
  3. Small hand-operated flaming oil projector. It can hold two flasks worth of flaming oil.
  4. Pop-up holy symbol with music and lights to ward off vampires and demons.
  5. Rapid-deployment marble or ball-bearing dispenser. Useful when running away.
  6. Fake magical spell book dispenser. May distract spell casters.
  7. Fake gem dispenser in a gleaming box. May distract greedy monsters.
  8. Soap dispenser with four bars of soap.
  9. Water dispenser. Can also dispense holy water.
  10. Spring-loaded grilled chicken dispenser. Can be poisoned or stuffed with explosives. May distract hungry monsters.

Improved Table of Delights (+900 gp)

  • Legs have small wheels installed.

Additional buttons:

  1. Wound spring mechanism gently propels wheelbarrow forward 40′ under its own power.
  2. Two loads of explosives from hell are loaded inside the wheelbarrow. They can be detonated instantly or 1–6 rounds after the knob is activated. The explosives deal 12d6 damage in a 30′ radius. They may be triggered by other explosives or fire.

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A+ would allow in my game. Where did it come from I wonder? It sounds like a cousin of the mall organisms from Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man.

Also, is Orcagorgon ‘Orc-a-gorgon’ or ‘Orca-gorgon’? Inquiring minds need to know if this is an aquatic creature with a turn-to-stone gaze attack.

It was originally built by Big Gnome (a 6′ tall gnome, lotfp specialist) to serve as part of a caper to take down the King of Ghouls in the vault of Vyzor at the wedding between the PC henchman, Lord Cranios (following an unfortunate mishap, a talking skull), and the Baroness of Skeletons. Big Gnome and his henchman Sam dressed up as waiters and planned to use the Adventuring Wheelbarrow disguised as a table of hors d’ouvres to sneak attack (backstab) the King of Ghouls.

In the event, the morloi hosting our banquet turned out to be an undercover third party, and we used the ballista on them instead.

Later the wheelbarrow proved useful for extracting a large treasure from some random tomb that totally didn’t have that much treasure (NDA). Big Gnome felt that dispensing soap and ball bearings was particularly useful for distracting enemies behind the crew, but he might have been wrong.

Finally, it was handled by a henchman with a pseudopod eye (don’t ask) that Big Gnome named iTorch, in battle against Orcogorgon. This demon prince was demogorgon, but with two orc heads. I’m not sure how it was spelled, but it wasn’t aquatic (and it finally succumbed to a rocket wheelchair).

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