The Music of the UVG (post 58)

This is an incomplete list of the music that has inspired, and which I have regularly listened to, while writing the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Three more updates to go, and we’re done—I hope!

All Them Witches – Our Mother Electricity (2012) – – more beautiful, relaxing music to drum through the heavy tides of the Near Moon and beyond.

Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark (2013) – – you should see its influence in the Grass Colossus

Blue Öyster Cult – Fire of Unknown Origin (1981) – – but of course, without BOC, where would we be? Especially this album, which has both Veteran of the Psychic Wars and Sole Survivor.

Blue Öyster Cult – The Albert Bouchard “Imaginos” Demo Tape – – a bootleg of Bouchard’s original demo for the Imaginos concept album. It covers much of the mythos of the BÖC.

Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986) – – just the opening describes so many of the silly characters in the UVG so well. However, not a must listen.

Causa Sui – Euporie Tide (2013) – – another stratospheric album.

Church of the Cosmic Skull – Is Satan Real? (2016) – – CotCS is one of the bands that really speaks to me, and a band I wouldn’t mind working with at some point.

Colour Haze – Colour Haze (2004) – especially the song House of Rushammon: – this is hands-down one of my favorite bands.

The Devil and the Almighty Blues – II (2017) – – ahh, more relaxing, driving riffs. Just like a long journey across the trackless endless steppe.

Devil’s Witches – Velvet Magic (2017) – – a massive Barbarella meets Acid 60s faux Moorcock weird … ah, just enjoy it.

Earth – Earth – The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull (2008) – – so slow, so ponderous, so heavy. Like the behemoths falling to the tired dusty earth, while the scuttlers race about on their resalvaged skiffs.

Egypt – Egypt (2009) – – Another excellent album that evokes so much of the UVG for me is Egypt’s self titled debut album.

Gin Lady – Electric Earth (2017) – – One of the hands-down, coziest albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to while writing and drawing.

Hawkwind – Space Ritual (1973) – – it would be a lie if I said I do not listen to this album often, and that Hawkwind and Moorcock had nothing to do with the UVG.

Heaven Shall Burn – Iconoclast (Part 1 The Final Resistance) Album (2007) – – Heaven Shall Burn also played a small, though not insignificant, part in the creation of the UVG. Particularly in the Long Long Ago para-apocalypse, which set the whole Rainbowlands into motion.

Kyuss – Welcome to Sky Valley (1994) – – Kyuss. Instrumental in the stoner doom that we have today, and a band that captures the essence of the UVG better than even they know.

The Machine – Solar Corona (2009) – – driving, lonely riffs that remind me of the razor winds of the Cyan Shore.

Metallica – Ride the Lightning (1984) – – of course I’d be a liar if I said this was no influence.

Mythic Sunship – Land Between Rivers (2017) – – a Danish space rock band that gives a Mesopotamian space voyagers groove. Beautiful.

Om – Advaitic Songs (2012) – – this album perfectly captures something of a Canticle for Leibowitz crossed with Lord of Light, both of which are novels I love.

Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues (1998) – – oh, of course Orange Goblin gets here too. Come on. Come to think of it, why haven’t I added motorcycle rules to the UVG yet?

Orchid – Capricorn (2011) – – if I were to pick just one song that was instrumental in the development of the idea of the Demons of the Corners (oh, whoops, spoiler), it was Eyes Behind the Wall by Orchid. And yes, of course, they’re inspired by Black Sabbath.

Psychedelic Witchcraft – The Vision (2016) – – something more occulty and doomy, but also great fun.

Red Sun – The Wind, The Waves, The Clouds (2017) – – a beautiful, instrumental meditation on space and time. Perfect for contemplations of ka and ba and body trialities.

Rymdstyrelsen – Space Is Cold (2018) – – a new addition to the pantheon of epic space rock.

Samsara Blues Experiment – One With The Universe (2017) – – well, there are better albums of theirs, like Long Distance Trip, but this one pretty well covers the audiogenesis of the UVG.

Sleep – Dopesmoker (2003) – – just because of the cover, of course.

Sundrifter – Visitations (2018) – – well, again, look at the cover.

The Sword – Warp Riders (2010) – – is another inspiration. Obviously, putting great swords and laser rifles together is something I approve of.

Uriah Heep – Demons and Wizards (1972) – – he was the wizard of a thousand kings and I chanced to meet him one night wandering. What more need I say? Me and my magic man kinda feel fine.

Witchcraft – The Alchemist (2007) – – especially If Crimson Was Your Color, but all of it, really captures the mood.

Yuri Gagarin – At The Center of All Infinity (2015) – – An excellent album by an excellent band.

You’re welcome!

More Music of the UVG

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