Welcome to the Neon Ziggurat

The Neon Ziggurat (post 57)

In the wasted hills north of the Spectrum Palace local ecstatics talk in angry tones of the heresies of the Neon Ziggurat. “Gaslights!” they spit, “Not the true Spectrum of Heaven that the satraps master, mere gaslights such as dwarves would rig in their methane mines!”

The Neon Ziggurat (+3 days of travel, worth 300 XP): Built of massive limestone blocks shaped so finely that not even an amoeba could crawl between them, it rises out of a scarred plateau. The limestone is protected by a magical aura that preserves it white and pristine against the rains and the fine dusts of the grassland.

It is now decked in illumination and singing golems, and thick with the camphor scent of aromatic candles. A cabal of heretic ecstatics live here as techno-shamans, worshipping the cosmos with a slaved vomish synthesizer they use to replace themselves with machine parts in their bid to become more human than human.

Left alone, they will discover how to preserve themselves, like the ziggurat is preserved, and become eternal living statues, singing and flashing lights into the sky, promising themselves to the First and the Last and the Eternal Return. They are rather harmless.


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