Who are the heroes of the UVG? (post 59)

The 14th Update of the UVG has just gone live on Patreon. It continues threading Ultraviolet Grasslands westward, finally reaching the Chasm that divides the great steppe from the western ridges and that locus of the imagination, the Black City.

The main parts of this update are two new regions, the Dead Bridge (a vast, city-sized bridge crawling with degenerated creatures. Including rules for generating quarterling tribes) and the Dark Light Passage (a network of cables and tunnels drilled through floor of the Chasm, filled with strange heat- and chemical-based life forms). However, I’ve also added more (rules-free) character generation options for starting characters.

Without further ado, let’s dive into part of the three inter-linked tables that build character:

Who is this hero?

  1. Decapolitan ambassador
  2. Redland district folk hero
  3. Hexad enforcer militant
  4. Safranian merchant adventurer
  5. Emerald city preacher
  6. Redland bourgeoise botanist
  7. Oranjetic travelling entertainer
  8. Greenlander nomad herdsmen
  9. Exiled pirate liberal
  10. Salt dwarf prospector
  11. Yellowlander climate migrant
  12. Undercover rainbow inquisitor
  13. Undergraduate purple wizard
  14. Dilettante noble tourist
  15. Exiled bluelander noble
  16. Secret azure cultist
  17. Violet revolutionary emigré
  18. Oranjist courtesan singer
  19. Metropolitan accountant monk
  20. Volkan diesel dwarf

Why are they traveling this lonely road?

  1. Blood memories of a great patrimony
  2. Tracking a missing ledger
  3. Seeking new converts
  4. Rumors of a fabulous autofactory
  5. Found clue to abmortality
  6. Ordered by an ominous disembodied voice
  7. Map to an unclaimed aerolith
  8. Soul of loved one stolen by a horror
  9. Stories of a secret healing vegetable
  10. Portents of a deadly machine demon
  11. Paintings of a gorgeous cyan seaside
  12. Pursued by loving enemies
  13. Grandmother’s lost autowagon
  14. Brother was stripped into a ba-zombie
  15. Master boneworker sent an invitation
  16. Delivering a letter of inheritance to a count
  17. Cure for a plague that killed your son
  18. Biomantic bible in a lost library
  19. Repaying debts to the butcher bank
  20. Visions of a world ending in falling fire

What wonder of the lost days are they carrying?

  1. Translucent dinner-plate sized force disk
  2. Grey healing lichen culture in ceramic jar
  3. Manual of the vechs, annotated with scribbles
  4. Stainless steel thermos of blood wine
  5. Glass tub of vampire-grade sunscreen
  6. Platinum necrogoggles that reveal undead
  7. Small furry brown vome that giggles when petted
  8. Machine horse in dappled shades of rust
  9. Crystal personality box to create ka-zombies
  10. Yellow-orange weightless rock—an aerolith
  11. Blue and white mechanical hand
  12. Quartzite tooth of a space worm
  13. Animate furry chitin kite
  14. Carmine cactus that secretes drops of blood
  15. Cogwheel monocle with small pits
  16. Seven strands of unbreakable silver wire
  17. Citrine soul stone with a third of a hero’s soul
  18. Gourd fetish with cowrie teeth
  19. Yellow cape of pure steel silk
  20. Unaging plastic travel cutlery

My goal with all the random tables in the UVG is to hint at the world that the players and referees inhabit and discover as they play. I don’t want the UVG to be one single canonical world, but quite simply worlds that build and are discovered as people play through them. I think I’m about 50% there with my goal.