All Our Goals Are Smashed For You

Well. Wasn’t February a crazy month?

With Exalted Funeral we finally launched the long-awaited Ultraviolet Grasslands kickstarter, and within hours your support took it past the initial goal of 15 kilo-dollars. Well, that was great.

There was also the … other thing. If you know the OSR(OWHY), you’ll know what I’m talking about. It was a bad situation, but folks did the right thing. That was good.

Then I finally had a holiday. Like, the almost-proper kind, where I didn’t do anything that even smelled like work. Except, ok, checking on social media now and again while everybody else was asleep and I had nothing else to do in the crepuscular hours. Exalted handled the kickstarter and I watched with a mix of shock and joy as it climbed to 40 kilo-dollars.

And … wow. Well, that smashed all of the stretch goals we’d planned.

New Goals

So, I’m back and the first thing I did today, after I mostly recovered from a well-timed bout of food poisoning (last meal before heading for the airport), was clear my inbox (if I haven’t responded it’s because I accidentally deleted something, sorry) and get the UVG KS team on the wire (discord chat). We’ve hammered out the new goals with two really crucial constraints in mind:

  1. don’t break the project timeline.
  2. don’t break the project budget.

Throughout the whole kickstarter, in the run-up and now, I’ve been terrified of promising things we wouldn’t be able to deliver. For now, it looks like things are fine. We’re checking the numbers on those new stretch goals, and should be ready to announce next week. Fingers crossed.

What they’re basically about is taking the core book, and making it a little bit better – fancier production values, and a little more color.

Ok, fine, whatever – yes, the final stretch goal is me coloring all of the art. That one terrifies me, but should be doable within the timeline. Right?

I mean, I’m starting layout Monday. What could go wrong?


On a side note, thank you to everyone who’s joined the Stratometaship patreon! I’ll be publishing the new chapter of Red Sky Dead City soon, and then it’s onwards to complete Longwinter: Subtitle To Be Determined!