Regarding Mandy’s Post

Yesterday Mandy Morbid shared her post detailing her experiences of harassment and abuse at the hands of Zak Smith, also known as Zak Sabbath, a highly visible individual in the indy rpg scene. Two other women also added support to her account. The experiences they recount are horrifying.

I and everybody affiliated with WizardThiefFighter Studio unreservedly condemn abuse and harassment. We all sincerely hope Mandy can safely continue her journey of healing and recovery.

I have never met Zak or Mandy in person, however, I have worked with Zak Smith as a graphic designer on one of his books. I also credit him as one of several individuals responsible for my discovery of the OSR (or what have you).

In light of Mandy’s brave account, neither I nor anyone affiliated with WizardThiefFighter Studio will collaborate with Zak Smith in future.

Update, 2019.02.13: There is now a fourth woman’s corroborating account.