UVG Kickstarter: Almost Last Day, Last Lap

This is your last chance to get in on the UVG Kickstarter. A day left or so, not much more (ok, fine, 56 hours).

It has been a ridiculous, epic, amazing ride.

When we planned this out with Exalted Funeral, we set $15,000 as the goal. We had the book written, but we needed editing and cash to fund a print run. That ought to cover it.

We had a few extras lined up, that would be nice—these should tempt a few folks, we thought. DM screen, separate fold-out map … dice.

In the end, the outpouring of support let us line up super-funky dice with Q-workshop.

Boom. That initial goal funded in 8 hours.

From there it was riding a social media and editing and layout beast as the whole thing galloped off towards our delivery date with destiny.

The end of August 2019 will be here soon, and so will our book. Is it exciting? Yes. Flabbergasting, too.

The response has been ridiculous. From the beautiful paeans by the Possum to happily kind responses on reddit (phew, that was scary), to a celebration of the setting with Cypher by d20_rs.

Gods, the setting. I nearly forgot.

What Is It?

It’s a road-trip setting across a continent the size of Eurasia with heavy inspiration from the Heavy Metal comics, Moebius, Oregon Trail, and the Dying Earth.

Ok, it’s more than that. It’s a manuscript that I wrote over more than a year with the magnificent support of all the heroes over on my patreon, dubbed the stratometaship in long-shot tribute to the metabarons of the Incal. We haven’t reached ultimate space there yet, but we shall. An early free edition is available on drivethru, but there’s also a work in progress sampler from the final manuscript (still unedited) hanging out on the internet. Check it out.

The final book is shaping up to a strapping 192-page hardcover, full-color A4 rules-loose ttrpg setting of psychedelic mind-bending weirdness overlaid with surprisingly supple and solid travel mechanics.

But, like … don’t just take my word for it.

There are actual plays of it by now … and lots of playlists on Spotify. Eric Vulgaris runs it beautifully. I’ve really enjoyed listening to it.

There is so much more art … and writing

What should I add at this point?

  • Mind-controlling cats as a playable species.
  • Science fantasy and mad magic.
  • Necromancer lawyers, weird industries, strange revolutions.
  • A lot of colors.
  • Odd machines and long ago weirdness.
  • Really a lot of long ago weirdness.
  • Body-hopping ghosts, multi-bodied princes, biomechanical infected creatures.
  • Caravans, trading, market research, cannibalism.
  • And a lot of purple haze.

I know this isn’t super coherent at this point, it’s mostly an excited mix of art bullet points. I know.

But hear me out. It’s the home stretch, things are locked down, the team is looking good.

Wish you were here …

Thank you so much to everyone who supported. Everyone, but especially the heroes on the stratometaship and all the backers on the kickstarter. Thank you.

Also, a thank you to Jegulja, who graciously provided the music for our belated little video.

Ok … so … What are you waiting for?

A Last Reason To Back the UVG Kickstarter?

Ok, here it is. The books are going to cost more after the kickstarter. A little more. But more.

So come on over, check the lovely last day of the Ultraviolet Grasslands kickstarter we’ve got going on with Exalted—we’ll have a light, fun, metal time.

Oh, right. Nearly forgot. There’s a cover, too! And a work in progress.

Peace, Love, Heavy Metal Unicorns.