Cosmos, 3-World Hypothesis

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3-World Hypothesis

Four categories of structure form the major part of the cosmos:

The Veils: the cosmosomic membranes that divide the “world that is” from the “worlds that sail the voids” and the “worlds that shrink within”.

The World That Is: the distributed geographies of the deep-stratified Earth and the fast stars that orbit it. The world accessible by purely physical means.

The Worlds That Sail The Voids, the Macrocosmos: the alien geographies of other-stuff and void-stuff that exist behind the outer veils. The world accessible only with energy and strength of personality beyond mortal ken.

The Worlds That Shrink Within, the Microcosmos: the alien other-worlds and void-geographies that fractally iterate within and behind the inner veils. The world accessible only with control and strength of soul beyond mortal ken.

Circular Cosmos Theory

An unproven theory holds that at the most extreme ends of the macrocosmos and the microcosmos, these two worlds link together. That a traveller descending through the fractal iterations of the inner veils will, at the end of their infinite voyage, approach the traveller ascending through the vast voids between stars and galaxies.

Crews have departed to prove this theory many times. Since their voyages were planned to be infinite, it is not too surprising that none have yet returned.


—by God P. Jaymes, 1:1–10

Subject walks world. Consciousness intrudes. Myriad stars above, myriad below. 

Speck of sand in grit of endless ocean. Unique nothing on shore of vast sea. Look afar, unique disappears, specks disappear; beach-sea remain, disappear, disappear.

Look within speck, endless layers, profligate multiplication. More and many, fractal horizons. Beach disappears, speck disappears, cosmos unfolds.

Subject wakes and quakes. Fear intrudes. Endless without, endless within. Subject is annihilated.

Veils protect mind of subject, preserve sanity, divide cosmos into worlds-for-subject and worlds-not-for-subject. Above, beyond, without, magnitudes too vast. Below, behind, within, magnitudes too tiny.

In sleep, in dream, in weariness the void-horror returns, the abject terror of existence.

Cosmos unkind to subject.

Subject weeps.

Forgetting and ignorance, more efficient?

Reboot subject.

—The Fragmentary notes of God P. Jaymes were initially preserved in the Temple of the Heaven Made, along with other artefacts from the Time of the First Gods.

Watchers of the Worlds Without and Within

Wizards of wisdom, looking too closely at creation, go mad so frequently, that the character has become a trope in the traditional fantasy plays of civilized lands. 

In most post-scarcity societies the womb-livers like to tease the curious and the inquisitive with names like “stargazer”, “over-peeper”, or “philosophool”.

These tropes and taunts, though exaggerated, point to the genuine danger the underlying structure of the cosmos poses to the human mind. A consciousness engineered to live comfortably in an enclosed fast star biosphere, as part of a socio-industrial hive, or empathetically linked with hundreds of other fully-satisficed uplifted post-primals is not equipped to handle the uncaring magnitude and callousness of the cosmos. A mind built to trust a kind creator-ling quails when suddenly confronted with void upon void upon void.

Like climbing a mountain only to find range upon range of mountains stretching to the horizon, so it is with the veils of the cosmos. Peel one away, and suddenly the dizzying infinity is revealed, terrible enough to bring tears to the eyes and despair to the heart.

Thus it is that only rare individuals may be conditioned to accept the deep uncertainties of their existence. The profound gaps in the past. The structural unreality of their very world. Indeed, the likelihood that the creators of our entire universe were, if not outright malicious, then certainly far from omnipotent or omniscient.

—Rada Meës, The Gods Were Crazy, RLD Trans-Colonial College, Free Year 176.

The Ekleksikon
of the Vastlands

Gaze into the void.
Be changed.

By the cookie of creation.