Eclipsed Lands

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Mythical lands plunged into perpetual darkness by the death of the Ebéteen’s old Solar Deity.

Rumours of the Eclipsed Lands

  1. Above the Eclipsed Lands is a hole in the sky through which no sun can shine today.
  2. A cold wind always blows in the Eclipsed Lands.
  3. The palace-cities of the proto-Ebéteen still stand, shrouded in the twilight of those lands.
  4. The stars that shine day and night upon the Eclipsed Lands are strange, different from those anywhere else in the Given World.
  5. Snow falls gently and unceasing at the heart of the Eclipsed Lands. It is like astral dandruff falling from the foreign stars.
  6. The heart of the Eclipsed Lands is buried under a bulge of ice. It does not grow, it just is. In winter it expands, in summer it contracts, like a tremendous cold heart. The borderlands around this ice mountain have been ground and polished smooth.
  7. The rivers that flow from the Eclipsed Land are cold as death. Those who drink their waters dream queer dreams of distant places and unfamiliar emotions.
  8. The deeper one ventures into the Eclipsed Lands, the more treasures of the old techné remain. None of it works in that dark place. Much of it was powered by the former Solar Deity. Who knows if the New Sun can still rouse them to life?
  9. Creatures of the night now squat in the abandoned palaces, making a home where the sun’s rays cannot reach them, luxuriating in the open skies above them.
  10. Beneath the ice slumbers the Accusation Against the Solar Deity. The great monster, the devourer, the unspoken truth that killed that deity.

How to Reach the Eclipsed Lands

  1. Journey into the Utter West, where the sun is ever hazy.
  2. Cross the Wine Dark Sea.
  3. Walk beneath the seven arches of the Black Cubes. Each skips across a hundred leagues until you stand on the shore of the Red Tundra.
  4. Leave behind you the Last Cathedral.
  5. Brave the unploughed lands of the Strawheads.
  6. Follow the coldest wind until you see the shadow stain the sky even at dawn.
  7. Make offerings of dreams at the Black Pyramid to guard against the Angelhunt that ever whoops in those cruel places.
  8. Bear only the bluest of torches, to not rouse the Accusation with a hint of living sunlight.

Sign of the Eclipse

Don’t fear the cold.
Fear the dark.

There are no aliens in your mind.