Ghoul Dictum of the Holy Eat

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The dictum of the Ghouls, the Yereen, and Half-Ghouls, the Yodoyeen.
Many Ebéteen treat the Ghouls as degenerates and out-castes. Cultures less familiar with these post-humans are often even more hostile.

However, over the centuries dissident scribes have often pointed to this dictum of the “holy eat” as a noble human attempt to become divine and one with the Living God—if an attempt usually doomed to failure.

Lekhtet, the Mountain, and the Pear

The dictum, as conveyed by Dayabeset, the ghoul scribe, in her book of tales.

[The opening is lost, but scholars believe that Lekhtet, seeking communion with the divine, dreamt of the Mountain of Wisdom, the Sacred Mountain, which bid him travel into the wastelands of the Prickly Pear and find his answer there]

“Eat of me,” said the Pear.

Lekhtet resisted, though he rested.

“You sit in my gentle shade, you smell my fragrant fruits. Eat of me,” said the Pear.

Lekhtet resisted, and he slept.

In his hunger dream, the Mountain rose before him again. Tall, pulsating, growing, purpose-full.

“Why do you resist the Pear?” rumbled the Mountain.

Lekhtet climbed the flanks of the Mountain and ate its sand.

“Why do you deny the Pear’s sweet, soft flesh?” asked the Mountain.

Lekhtet climbed the ridge of the Mountain and ate its sharp gravel, swallowing it with the blood that flowed when it gashed his gums.

“Why do you torture your flesh with my stony skin? You are soft, like the Pear,” said the Mountain.

Lekhtet climbed the pinnacle of the mountain and ate its razor ice, cutting his lips to his ears and freezing his innards.

“Why do you destroy yourself with me? You will never be like me,” chuckled the Mountain.

Lekhtet rested on the pinnacle, blood freezing in a smile upon the delicate snow.
“Because I have become reflected in your greatness,” said Lekhtet and slept the undying sleep between the Mountain and the Sky.

Other names for the dictum include: Yaweeya, sometimes “You Are What You Eat”. Vedayrana in the speech of the Second Circle. Sarcosacria, the “Meat Holiness”, in some scholarly Rainbow tongues.

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