Glass People, Shtrakha

• UVG • Red Sky • Faction •

The glass people were humans who were transparent as air. Their dreams flickered through their bodies like rainbow fire. They built translucent towers as strong as adamant and plumbed the depths of the earth by the glow of their thoughts. The Virgin Medusa prized them, for their enlightenment was the sweetest of enlightements due to their deep colours.

Rumours of the Glass People

  1. There are none left. As their will to survive faded, their bodies became mere glass and, in time, sand.
  2. When they let emotion and fear cloud their minds, their bodies also clouded and became opaque. Their descendants still walk among the people of today.
  3. They can purify their minds in radiant light, washing away trauma and memories, becoming transparent once more.
  4. A tribe of glass people still lives on half a mountain suspended in the upper air on a dislocated plane of stuck force. Their capital is called Shtrakhnazhara, the Flower of the Glass People. There, light itself is slowed to treacle, and the glass people feed on it as though it were honey.
  5. There never were any glass people. It is all just rumour and fancy sparked by a porcelain prince fad to wear mirrored masks.
  6. Glass people think with their entire bodies. If a glass person loses an arm or a leg, their minds grow slower.

Abilities of the Glass People

Stay Still, Stay Invisible


Look right through me.
Rank 1: When a glass person hides, they gain [+] to their stealth test.
Rank 2: The glass person can fully calm their voice, becoming nigh invisible to the naked human eye.
Rank 3: The glass person becomes so calm, they can literally cease to exist within the universe for an hour or so, as they become a non-interacting solipsistic entity. After that, they snap back into existence, exactly where they were before.

Feed on the Light


We are children of the light.

Rank 1: The glass person can gain all the energy they require for a day’s activity by standing in bright sunlight for a couple of hours.

Rank 2: The glass person is resistant to all radiant and near-visible spectrum attacks (takes half damage). Additionally, any attack that brightly illuminates their internal structure grants them [+] on an immediate test against any disease, curse, or poison afflicting them.

Rank 3: When a glass person is struck by a powerful ray of light (or other near-visible spectrum radiation) they regain 1d6 life or remove 1 hurt. They still take damage from the attack, which may negate any life recovered.

More Processing Power


Bigger, faster, better.

Rank 1: The glass person develops a glassy protuberance to hold a parallel processor. Their Thought score increases by 1 (to a maximum of 6) and they gain [+] to one specific mental skill.

Rank 2: The glass person develops a secondary pair of limbs, housing additional kinaesthetic processors. Their Thought score increases by 1 (to a maximum of 7) and they gain [+] to one specific physical skill.

Rank 3: The glass person’s body-mind overclocks itself and develops radiation wings or antennae, which glow cherry-red when they are thinking hard. Their Thought score increases by 1 (to a maximum of 8), and they can #focus on two spells or trains of thought at once.

The Ekleksikon
of the Vastlands

It’s people.
All the way down.

Humanity is a steak.