Longwinter Is Published

After a very long journey.

After a very long development.

Winterwhite is here.

Longwinter is available on itch.io now, on dtrpg.com soon.

The compleat Longwinter for a single $21 price. 200+ pages of winter sandbox goodness.
The visitor’s book is for all the players, not just the referee.
The referee’s book provides the events and encounters, challenges and characters to bring the Barony of Brezim to life.


  • ~200 pages
  • ~60 colour illustrations
  • 13 settlements
  • 5 factions
  • 3 months
  • 1 angry goddess

In a setting profoundly close to that of Witchburner, a bucolic Alpine barony riven by conflicts barely concealed is about to discover that sometimes there actually are worse things than struggles between the haves and the have-nots.

With sincere thanks to the Moonrat Conspiracy for the editing, Doubleproficiency for the layout, Exalted Funeral for the encouragement, and the Heroes of the Stratometaship for their support and patience in finally, after two years, bringing this setting and survival adventure to life.

Thank you.


the winter star

Thank you, heroes.

A warm place in the cold of winter.