Moon, Orb of

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Though the Orb has many faces, it is one. The moon and its phases symbolize the multiplicity of Iks.

Polylunar and Alterlunar Heresies

  1. Once there were three moons in the sky of the Given World. The First Masters melted one to create the Circle Sea. The First Freelords melted the second to create the Second Circle.
  2. Once there were two moons in the sky and no sun. Then the science wizards of the first settlement turned one of the moons into the Sun.
  3. The moon is only the largest of hundreds of moons that dance around the Given World. What the fallen humans call the “Fast Stars” are not stars at all, but moons and shards of moons.
  4. Once there was no moon in the sky. Then the First Lings created the moon from the dust of the Young Sun to make a shield between the Given World and the bolide shattered void.
  5. Once there were 24 different moons, each with a different face. The gateway weaver bound them into a single moon. Made it a nexus for the many wormways.
  6. Half of the moon is missing. Its dark side, ever facing away from the Given World, is shrouded in bands of stuck force and false gravity. The stuck force blocks an enormous gateway through which the First God came to make the Given World.

Moon City Heresies

  1. There is a city on the moon.
  2. The city is in the moon.
  3. The city is dead and abandoned.
  4. It was the first city of the Given World.
  5. It still lives, after a fashion, but now its citizens are golems and homunculi.
  6. You can see it glitter at the trailing edge of the moon when that side is in deepest shadow.
  7. Cat-headed catlings and bat-winged batlings live there.
  8. It was a pleasure city, but its inhabitants grew soft. Now only grub-like creatures live there, plugged permanently into pleasure stimulators, while spider golems maintain the grand city.

Legends of the Moon

The pre-rationalite peoples of Iks had many legends of the moon.

  1. It is the brother of the Solar All-mother.
  2. Its red colour comes from the blood spilt during the wars between the angels to determine if humans should be given free will or not.
  3. The canals were built to trap the sky vampires in their channels. Sky vampires are compelled to explore regular, repeating patterns and labyrinths. The zeno-dimensional canals were arranged in such a way that it is impossible to ever wander them all.
  4. The moon calms the tides. Without the moon, they would be wilder and harsher.
  5. The moon is the goddess of proteins from the sea. By her glow, the deep-swimmers come up and offer themselves to the fisherfolk.
  6. There is a dog on the moon, you can see it, it is just there. Once the dog shepherded the great seed fleet through the trackless void, but when the seed fleet came to the Given World the Betrayer stole the dog’s mind and it went mad. Filled with sorrow, the First Masters trapped the dog on the moon. There it is still.
  7. The moon is the largest of the fast stars and their shepherd. This is why it is also called the Dog Moon.
  8. The moon is covered in red-leaf forests. That is where its colour comes from. Its poles are pale because of the cold.
  9. The dog on the moon is also Death. It has its palace there, where it shepherds the ka-spirits of the worthy who are to be refined to a higher rebirth.
  10. The great moon sea is on the far side, you can just see it glitter if you ascend to the highest part of one of the ladders of heaven. Remember to take a breathing mask if you go there, for the Gods made high heavens air thin like a whistle.

The Ekleksikon
of Iks and Ling

There’s a dog in the moon.
It won’t come down.

So we’ll go up.