New Sun, The

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The only begotten son of the Living God, a beacon of light and goodness for the Ebéteen.

When the Naga King brought the Ebéteen through the salty desert to the shores of the River of Life, the Living God was but a holy androgynous youth. There the Virgin Medusa barred the people, declaring them unclean and unworthy. Her burning gaze was too strong for the Naga King, who retreated in fear.

Three other heroes, the Dry Brothers, went forth, and each was thrown back by her glare.

Finally, the Living God strode forward, and its divine seed protected it from the flashing brow of the Virgin Medusa. With its left hand, the Living God tamed the demon, but as the demon melted away, the Living God’s left hand melted away, too. In its place was left a perfect ivory egg.

The Living God returned with the ivory egg and declared to the people, “Behold, from this egg will hatch your new sun, my only-begotten child.”

Three years and seven months and eleven days after the declaration, New Sun was born and acclaimed by the Living God.

Centuries later, when New Sun was ready, he rose into the heavens to look benevolently upon the Ebéteen forevermore.

Heresy: Pustari heresiarchs of the Green Sun tribe claim that the Flesh God killed its own child when it accused the god of hubris.

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