Particle of the Living God

• UVG • Red Sky • Ebét • Creature • Sentient Physioform •

Particles are the avatar-scions of the Living God of the Ebéteen, born from one of that Flesh God’s hundred wombs and raised by the palatine eunuchs. Each Particle’s brain carries a replicated fragment of the Flesh God’s consciousness. 

While the Flesh God lived, they were the motile eyes and ears of that red deity. Now they are alone and confused, yet possessed of the divine self-replicative source of the Living God. The Iksan authorities destroy the Particles whenever they discover them.

It Is Rumored

  1. None of them has an actual personality.
  2. They are superhuman in grace and beauty.
  3. They can never sicken or grow old.
  4. They do not grow old because they always die before they reach the unlucky age of thirteen.
  5. The Particles reproduce by asexual budding or fission.
  6. A Particle is born with all its parent’s memories.
  7. Particles fed on a nutritious divine meat broth mature by the age of seven.
  8. Any Particle separated from the Living God’s mental network for more than a month becomes a relatively ordinary individual, indistinguishable from other humans.
  9. The older a Particle becomes, the less human they look.
  10. The Iksan Inquisitors are hunting the Particles and using them to create some kind of telemitteilung network.

This Particular Particle

  1. Has taken up singing sad songs and painting gut-wrenching poem-pictures on the walls of its rude cottage.
  2. Has taken a vow of silence and become a hermit subsisting on wild juniper berries.
  3. Has taken up dancing for money in an Iksan recreational facility. It is waiting to reconnect with the Ebéteen Resistance.
  4. Has decided to excise all connection to the Living God. It is looking for a source-line surgeon to burn out its ancestral animalcules.
  5. Has regressed to a primitive, semi-human state, and now lives on bugs and wriggling worm-lillies in the swamps at the river’s edge.
  6. Suffered a head injury and is now engaged in a Sisyphean attempt to build a rebirthing throne-vat. It has completely forgotten quite how to build or sculpt flesh, however.

Particular Abilities

Expanded Memory


The unforgotten.

Rank 1: The Particle can store perfect full-sensory recordings as memory cysts. The memory cysts are the size of a pearl and can manifest anywhere on or in their bodies.

Rank 2: By focussing very hard while rubbing their temples, the Particle’s memory leaks sideways, and they can remember something from the future or the past of the location they are standing in. It is only a flash, but it grants a boon [+] on their next relevant test.

Rank 3: The Particle remembers the mind of the Flesh God. The Particle gains [+] against all spells and mental attacks. The memory also begins to proliferate, rearranging the Particle’s mind to serve as a vessel for the Flesh God. Within a week the Particle’s unique ba-personality is obliterated and replaced with a synthetic matrix focussed on creating a rebirthing throne-vat in which to reawaken the Flesh God.

Telemental Repeater Node


We are the last generation.

Rank 1: When the Particle focuses, they can link the minds of two humans with whom they have shared flesh or fluids. The link is a cheap and effective means of instantaneous communication and offers satisfactory reception within a range of three kilometres!

Rank 2: With the upgraded option, the Particle can link up to five human minds, with a range of up to four kilometres. Full-sensorium transmissions are also possible, though this is still a glitchy beta product.

Rank 3: The Particle can take over one of the linked human minds.

Remembrance of Bodies Past


All history inscribed in the source line.

Rank 1: Over an hour or so the Particle changes shape to resemble one of their ancestors up to 10,000 generations removed. Useful for hiding away from prying eyes.

Rank 2: Over 1 million generations. They can become a small proto-primate (or a large, bulky protoanthrope).

Rank 3: Over 100 million generations. They can dissolve into a distributive animalcular soup, an amoeboid jelly colony, an early fish, a stout amphibian, a therapsid, or a shrew-like nocturnal insectivore.

The Ekleksikon
of the Red Sky

There’s people.
And there’s people.

What’s the beef with humans, anyway?