Six-Fingered Scion

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The Prodigal Particle of the Living God left Ebét three hundred years ago to wander the far wastes. Six score years later it returned with dark prophecies of machine-reason-worshipping republics in Dopotamia, the Land of Two Rivers.

Its body and brain were dismantled, studied, and punished in a purpose-built pyramid. Priests of the Living God toiled for years to divine if it had gone mad or seen true.

The final conclusion was that the far-off primitives would never convince the Clockwork God to help them.

Also: Particle of the Flesh God, Prophet.

Recent Events

  1. The popularity of the Six-fingered Scion rose rapidly, and it was revived when the Iksan wars began. It is unclear if it survived the conquest.
  2. Rumours of the Six-fingered Scion
  3. It was destroyed by the God Bomb, together with the Living God.
  4. It has fled into a cold, mountainous waste with a cadre of flesh-sculptors to preserve the lineage of the Living God.
  5. Only a copy was reanimated, the original Six-fingered Scion still suffers nightmares in its prison-pyramid.
  6. Its divine doppelbleiber was burned out when the God Bomb went off. Now it is just one more shell-shocked Ebéteen survivor.
  7. It is in hiding among the Iksan invaders, biding its time to reveal itself.
  8. Its flesh body was destroyed, but its divine doppelbleiber was preserved by three daring flesh-wizards. When they find a suitable vessel, they will reincarnate the scion. It will then create a Vengeance Engine to punish the Iksans.

The Ekleksikon
of the Vastlands

Ebét was a beastly place.
But it was our beastly place.

Belonging is a many-weirded thing.

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