Sun, The

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By turns vengeful and nurturing, the Sun is an object of primal fascination to the cultures that still depend on agriculture to sustain themselves.

Even some civilizations that no longer need photosynthetics, offer attention and respect to the flaring, unreliable eye in the sky.

What is the Sun?

  1. A natural red dwarf around which the Vile Gods spun the synthetic universe of the Given World.
  2. A natural slow star, the centre of the Given World’s heliostatic microcosm.
  3. An artificial star anchored in the centre of the prison cosmos by ropes of extra-temporal wormhole-stuff.
  4. A living interstellar entity, trapped by the Lings.
  5. The creator of the Given Cosm itself, its magnificent radiance keeps at bay the cosmic worms. With its flares, it flays away the burrowers and gribblers.
  6. A magnificent engine of light and heat in orbit around the Given World, creating a paradise for its long-lived true inhabitants.
  7. A failing ball of flame and hubris, now winding down towards its final death.
  8. The largest soul mill in the cosmos, powered by the souls, the ka, of the wicked. Its luminous angelic machines harvest the wicked and use the antagonic fission of their essences to keep the reincarnated good and kind creatures of the Given World warm and well.
  9. An actual deity, powerful but not immortal, which periodically dies and is reborn in the sacrifices and adulations of the peoples of the Given World.
  10. A false deity that killed the honourable and glorious Original Sun, replacing its blue radiance with its wan yellow glow.

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