Unforgotten Souls

• Red Sky • Mythos • Ebét •

When the Ebéteen’s old Solar Deity died, their heaven was destroyed and the souls of all their ancestors to that time were crushed. Pulverized and milled into the smoke between the stars. Their past became the dust of time, and they were set free to forge a new destiny in their misery and sadness.

Under the guidance of their Living God, the Ebéteen caught and preserved in crystal and bone and gold and flesh the soul of every deceased Ebéteen. This way none would ever be bound again to the illusory heaven of a celestial deity.

During the Week of the Unforgotten Souls, the Ebéteen visit, walk, and live with the embodied, preserved, and disembodied souls of their ancestors. Together they light halo candles to remember the seven billion who became the darkness between the stars on the Day of Occultation when their old Solar Deity died.

The Ekleksikon
of the Vastlands

There is kindness in the snake’s eyes.
Trust it.

There is no snake.