UVG Digital Referee Screen + Zoa Tables

One of my favorite parts of the UVG project was (is) the digital referee screen made by Saker Tarsos. It’s a standalone html generator that covers all the tables in the UVG. Because it’s a standalone html file, you can just download it and save it for offline use. Glorious, isn’t it?

UVG Digital Referee Screen (main link)

A Backup Upload (secondary link)

Saker’s Hosted Varietal (another way to find it)

Hopefully these redundancies will keep it from disappearing again! Maybe we really should get it on github, too, at some point.

During my update of the site, a couple of months ago, I broke the link to that lovely tool (or, perhaps, the portals to the Vastlands was down temporarily). Now it’s back and it also covers Zoa of the Vastlands, the creature supplement for naturalists exploring the strange vast lands of the UVG (and beyond).

I appreciate everyone’s patience. Managing a small creative cottage studio all by myself sometimes pushes some projects right into procrastination penitentiary. Website maintenance is often one of those.

woof folk

Longwinter is live on the patreon. Right in time for the snow.

Coming to Itch and Drivethru very soon.

Probably later today.


—Oh, let it snow.—