UVG Free Player Guide 2.0

The player’s guide to the award-winning Ultraviolet Grasslands is revamped, cleaned up, and as mind-bent as before.

It’s now available in full 70-page glory on itch.io and drivethrurpg.com for your gaming pleasure.

UVG free guide on itch.io.
The UVG Free Guide on Itch.
And UVG Free on Drivethru.

What’s new in the second edition?

  • Edited and cleaned up text.
  • Some new art.
  • Better layout consistent with the full book.
  • Tidied up rules.

What’s the same?

  • Still free.
  • Still full of cats.
  • Still psychedelic.

The Background

Creating the Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City has been a mammoth undertaking. When I started out on this journey back in late 2017 I had no idea it would take this long or turn out to be so full of art.

Well, it did.

It was honestly quite scary returning to the book after so much work, which was why I put off updating the free introduction for so long. After the ennie awards I finally worked up the courage, and so here it is again.

The updated UVG, the Violet City, the university cats, and the strange, strange vasty lands beyond the rim of civilization.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

—Luka, October 2020

And, as always, the self-promotion. I’m plugging away on finishing the seacat rule book over on the stratometaship patreon. Drop on by and say hi, we’d love to have you around.

After all, we have pengling cookies.