Very Promotional: UVG Softcovers, Reflecting on Ennies, Future Projects

First, the promotional stuff. In about a month we’re doing a second print run of the UVG, with nice, soft, bendy covers. The more preorders Exalted Funeral gets, the more gently we’ll sleep. It’s not a second edition, just a paperback print run. All the paperbacks come with a pdf copy and we’re pricing it at $30, so a mere $5 over the digital copy alone.

If you haven’t got a copy yet, if you want to give one to a friend, or even if you just want to share the love of the telepathic cats whispering commands at the near moon as it inches closer and closer to the earth, then all of us who worked on the UVG will be super happy to have your preorder.

Oh, and also – I made this ‘wonderful’ new logo for Exalted Funeral (see attached ad) – and I’m sure if lots of people pester Matt, they’ll have to add it to their official stable of EFP logos.

so soft and pillowy

Enough promoting.

Ennies 2020

We got nominated for two ennies for the interior art and covers, which made me feel quite nice. It is, frankly, a big deal and it’s been a long journey to get here from the first doodles I posted on G+ yay these eight years ago.


I wish I could say I enjoyed the nomination, but honestly, I was just kind of exhausted. This whole last year has been hard. Yes, the UVG kickstarter was a big hard deal. That we were late, that shipping to Europe is only due to start in [short period of time redacted to avoid the gods’ cursing the shipping], that hurts. That my father died, the family tribulations that followed the funeral, that was even harder. That the whole world is now six months into a pandemic marathon, is just grueling on top of everything. Finally, in late June we moved apartments to cut down my wife’s commute and find ourselves a bit more time and space.

The long and the short of it is that the last three weeks have been a blur (not to mention the whole year) and I was caught wholly off guard by how quickly the Ennie voting came and left.

On the other hand, I have been getting back to writing again, at last, which is a relief.

Future Projects

In my half-fried state over the last few weeks I tried to push myself to work (though I couldn’t, because half-fried), and then railed against myself for not working. A rum state.

Finally, some priorities coalesced again, which was a relief of many colors. So, here goes.

  • Creating a proper UVG landing page + link to the digital ref screen for the UVG.
  • Finishing the SEACAT ruleset v1.0. We’re actually rather close by now. This is the current ongoing project at the stratometaship. I’ll be honest, writing weird new spells is fun, but the meat of system is harder :).
  • Publish Longwinter at last (getting edited by the lovely Moonrats now).
  • Publish the edited version of Rrypo the Flying Head (edited recently by the good Weaver).
  • And then back to actually writing the next thing: Red Sky. Probably with side forays into Voyages of the Black Obelisk. Both of them … rhyming with UVG, but not necessarily continuing it directly. I cannot overstate how much I am looking forward to this!

Let me just say, I do need to figure out how to loosen up and start doing a lighter series of posts on the blog. Not just treating it as a promotional page.

Ahh. Dreams.

Well, thank you all, for your patience.

Stay safe, be healthy, play well, and use your unbound imaginations for good and glory!


4 replies on “Very Promotional: UVG Softcovers, Reflecting on Ennies, Future Projects”

I went to buy this but Exalted Funeral demands that I create an account. I buy stuff from dozens of places and if I have to create an account everywhere I would be swamped. So now my policy is not to shop at places that require an account. Sorry.

Oh, quite understandable 🙂 no worries, we’re hoping it’ll end up in a few FLGSs too!

Preordered! I’ve wanted to grab UVG for a while and this officially removes any excuses for not doing so.

Quick question: can the PDF be accessed immediately in any way, or is it released alongside the physical books when the come out? I didn’t see a way to get it so I assume the latter, but it’s also just possible that I missed a download link somewhere.

First: thank you.

Second: regarding the pdf: a good question! I don’t have a perfect answer. It’d be best to check with Exalted Funeral, they’re handling the store, not digitally so-so me. I should think it’d make sense to have the .pdf accessible … but it might be difficult depending on backend stuff. If it turns out to be complicated, just let me know.

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