Vesmir Observatory

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Legendary temple of observations and techno-magic dedicated to gazing into the mind of god or gods to steal their secrets of cosmic creation.

Sources associate it with various ruins and even the Fast Stars.


The memorial madrigals of the Silverskins, who call themselves the Chandavacca, are some of the finest records of the fabled cities among the Fast Stars.

Though precise and accurate, the memorial madrigals suffer from the unfortunate decline of techno-magic in the poorly-counted centuries of the Long Forgetting.

In the tale of the Harsh Queen and the Disrobed Groom, they mention a punishment from out of the void that struck the Grandplace of Peering. It ignored the strictures of the Harsh Queen and lifted up the shutters of the void to peer upon the naked understructures of the cosmos. Its punishment: blinding and oblivion.

Is this just a cautionary tale on observing the strictures of autocrats, or is it linked to a historical place or event?


The high, dry plain of Suyaplana, is littered with geometric arrays of crystalline bubbles. The dwellers of the nearby lake towns of Langarbero, Neutruisto, and Sensegeo call them the Eyes of Heaven. The camelbird herders of that plain call them the Allworld Watchers. Local traditions talk of the silver people, the Arjentaumoi, who came from the fast stars on carts drawn by fiery birds, who gave gifts and lectures to the locals.

In her academic poem, “The Sky Above In Us Is Worded,” the panstructuralist semiosophist Ulvara di’Cord makes a masterful argument that the Chandavacca may be the same people, or of the same stock, as the Arjentaumoi. Further, she suggests that long ago they, or some of them at least, where techno-wizards who used the technologies of the dawn times to gaze into the vasty cosmos, beyond the veil of sky. That, perhaps, they even had a temple of observations among the Fast Stars for this very purpose.

The Ekleksikon
of the Vastlands

Look not too deeply.
The power likes it not.

Surrender acceptance.