Boredom and Curiosity

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Once, all creation was perfection. A pure crystal of existence. A heart for the minds of the uncreated. A paradise for the eternity of the divine spirits.
Then came the demons Boredom and Curiosity among those divine spirits and asked the assembled potentialities, “When was the last time you sang a new song?”
The uncreated replied, “We need no new songs. We have the perfect songs. The true songs.”
Then came those two again, like biting flies to a great water cow, “What if there are other perfect songs, other true songs, you could learn and master?”
The uncreated replied, “There are no other perfect songs. There are no other true songs.”
But in their hearts, some doubted.
And for a doubt, heaven was unmade.

Of Them It Is Said [d6]

  1. They crawled through from the Fallen World to the Given World, the last vengeance of the Eating Dark.
  2. They were among the creators of the Given World, but unlike the other potentialities, they were disturbed by its perfection.
  3. They were once two monkeys, stowaways in the holds of the Gods, who grew powerful after the creation of heaven and sowed discord for no better reason than amusement.
  4. They are the necessary complement to perfection, the destroyers of satisfaction.
  5. They represent the human spirit in the mind of the divine.
  6. They are born of every victory, every success, spurring the wheel of existence onwards without cease, sowing both terror and treasure.
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