Dry Brothers

UVG • Red Sky • Mythos • Ebét

Three mummified wyrms mark the three frontiers of Ebét. Tremendous, dozen-legged serpentine dragons, the elder brothers of the Living God. They all failed in the face of the Virgin Medusa and thereafter became his first lieutenants. Sinuous and terrible like their father, the Naga King, they protected the faithful of the Living God till their death on the Seven-Step March.

After their death they were mummified, their forms become as mountains to protect the blessed land even after their death.

Their true names are hidden, but a popular tale calls them Azure Dog, Jaspis Mountain, and Ivory Calamity. Azure Dog guards the wall of sky, where the Great Green meets the Long Fog. Jaspis Mountain marks the Gates of the Sun. Ivory Calamity strides across the Sea of Sand, most generous of the shifting dunes.

Be not unwatched.
The Ekleksikon
of the Vastlands

Walk without rhythm,
So you don’t attract the office of pattern recognition.

The sand really does get everywhere.