Saker Tarsos Joins


Saker Tarsos, the marvelous crafter of the UVG Digital Referee Screen has joined creativity labour unit that is

Screenshot of the UVG digital referee screen.

After many <<THINKINGS>> on making games and a <<DOUBLEPLUSGOOD>> collaboration over the summer on the seacat/srdcat physical/digital game, we decided to share this site as a central hub for our work.

We can’t promise we’ll blog more than before—but we do have some exciting projects to share. Stay attuned with your antigravity autogolems and be ready for journeys beyond the Gates of Misperception (difficulty mental test)!

Welcome, once more, to the machine!

—Luka & Saker

seacat rpgeco system

Embrace the necrolexicon.
Ignore the Hollowfear.
Embrace the Necrolexicon.